Present or send a letter to the Empresa Ejecutora de Donativos (EMED) requesting import authorize addressed to Loretta White Martin - Director General.

I request from you import Authorize the donation which data relate:

  1. Donor: Name of the identity that funds sent supplies. If you belong to a project, then register the name of the project and clarify if authorized and registered by the CIMEX.
    • a) Giving you get the Commerce Department license permits donation,
    • b) Declaration of donor funds (not from the U.S. government or subversive agencies) signed,
    • c) Donor specific or make donation to Cuba for the first time must submit documentation of the organization and also the occupation.
  2. Country: Country name for the donor.
  3. Supply sent: Relate supplies sent supplies, of which quantity and value.
  4. Packaging: Number of containers of 20 'or 40' or Number of packages.
  5. Shipping via donation: (Air or Maritime) Name of Port or airport of embarkation and destination.
  6. Shipper's Name: who owns the donation partner abroad. Phone, Fax and email.
  7. Entity that pays the freight.
  8. Use supply: Explain supply use or consumption, but this donation belongs to a collaborative project.
  9. Beneficiary: Name of Entity using or consuming the supply and name of the organism to which it belongs.
  10. Interested: Name partner in charge of processing the donation by the beneficiary. Phone, Fax and email.
  11. State whether there are trade relations (for sale) between the donor and the beneficiary.
  12. Name of the entity paying - in national currency - the services provided by the EMED in import and gift delivery. Address where the economic area. REEUP Code and NIT. Title of the national currency bank account and number.
  13. Contract number with the EMED Services.
  14. Charter that says to import supplies are included in the annual plan.